The AppDeals Marketplace connects customers who are passionate in the support, health and success of their neighborhood's small businesses. In return, small businesses provide an exclusive "AppDeal" to their supporters.

Unlike popular "Deal Sites", AppDeal Marketplace Businesses avoid losing 60-80% of their revenue between platform fees and customer discounts. And redemption is simple for both the customer and business. Show the app - get the deal!


In 2006, Sacramento Area Barbering Pro and Software Developer Dominick Hall created Barbering's first web based Community and online Barber booking software - Dominick's Online Shop.

Understanding that the Barbershop is considered the info hub of the community, this platform connected barbershop customers to local deals and resources accessible online 24/7.


In 2008, a feature dubbed "MyPoints" was added to the platform in response to the "Great Recession". The recessions economic impact made it difficult for customers to afford barbering services, which threatened the barbershops ability to remain open.

However the MyPoints feature awarded clients for interacting with local businesses paid advertisements on the website, resulting in redeemable points used to make services free or low cost. This allowed customers to keep dignified and well groomed for job opportunities and allowed the barbershop much needed operating revenue.



In 2018, the local and national economy was doing well. The MyPoints program evolved into the AppDeals Marketplace - a Business/Service directory that included deals on goods, exclusive to barbershop customers.

Now in March 2020 amid the global Covid-19 pandemic, the AppDeals Marketplace once again evolves with a focus on support beyond the barbershop - ALL small businesses and neighbors within our communities. 

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